Advisory Committee

Elliot Regenstein

Partner, Foresight Law+Policy

Elliot Regenstein is a Chicago-based partner at Foresight Law + Policy. Elliot has extensive experience in state-level policy and advocacy, with a particular focus on early learning; he has also consulted with more than two dozen states on a wide range of education policy topics.  Much of his work focuses on how decision-making occurs in state education and early education systems: who is responsible for which decisions, what information they have to support those decisions, and what incentives are acting on key stakeholders. In 2015 he was appointed Chair of the Illinois Longitudinal Data System Governing Board, and has served as chair of the Illinois Early Learning Council’s Data, Research, and Evaluation Sub-Committee since its creation in 2009.  Elliot holds a bachelor of arts in history from Columbia University and a law degree from the University of Michigan.