Improving a Child’s Education Journey: A Conversation about K-12 Policy & Early Learning in Ca

Jan 19, 2021

With the pandemic having increased the pressure on California’s schools to ensure children are on track for post-secondary success in an equitable way, the Californians Dedicated to Education Foundation and Foresight Law+Policy are partnering to bring together a panel of speakers to discuss what’s next for California schools in early education. Join them on February 11 at 11:00 am PT for a conversation on Improving a Child’s Education Journey: A Conversation About K-12 Policy and Early Learning in CaliforniaThis webinar invites us to think about and explore education policy from a different angle; what if we focus more on the early years of education? 

Panel speakers:

Carla Bryant
Executive Director @Center for District Innovation and Leadership in Early Education

Patricia Lozano
Executive Director @Early Edge California

Elliot Regenstein
Partner @Foresight+Law Policy

Sara Neville-Morgan
Deputy Superintendent of Public Instruction, Opportunities for All Branch @California Department of Education