Join The New DIAL EE Fellows Cohort!

Jul 19, 2022 | News and Events

We’re now accepting applications for the 2022-2025 DIAL EE Fellows Cohort. 

 The DIAL EE Fellows program is the signature program of the Center for District Innovation And Leadership in Early Education that supports visionary district leaders who are responsible for early education in their district to effect early learning and K-12 systems alignment. Through a cohort-based experience that is organized around building adaptive and distributed leadership, DIAL EE Fellows receive professional learning experiences and ongoing support that enhances their capacity to strengthen public education systems, innovate solutions, and inform policy.


“DIAL EE has been invaluable to the extent that they’ve given us a forum to be able to not only learn, but share our perspectives in terms of what different policy proposals might look like, when potentially implemented in our local context. And so that has really contributed, I think, to an overall sense of efficacy and just, you know, increased success in terms of feeling like as a program, our voice matters, and that we have some sense of impact on policy that will ultimately be implemented in our local context.”

Roberta Gonzalez

Director of Early Learning, El Rancho Unified School District

“I really love just the relationships we’re able to build. I love the information that we get from [DIAL EE], and just the fact that we have a community of practice. We have really deep rooted discussions, and we’re able to kind of reflect on our own practices and what we’re doing in the district. [DIAL EE’s] also really forward in making sure that we get the information that’s up to date with legislative information.”

Sandra Lee

Program Coordinator, Weaver Union School District

Tara Ryan at [email protected].

Applications are due 11:59pm PST on August, 19, 2022.

Download our recruitment flier.