What We Do

DIAL EE utilizes content experts, data, and a continuous improvement process to assist school districts with aligning early education and K-12 systems to improve outcomes for all children, preschool through high school graduation. Our core strategies are:


Foster collaboration to generate and share insights and innovation through a learning network of school district early education leaders.


Build the capacity of early education leaders to strengthen public education systems through professional learning, coaching, and opportunities to implement innovative practices in their districts.

Policy & Practice

Inform local policies and practices by amplifying the voices of early education leaders to inform, advocate, and lead the work for systemic change. 


Conduct research and develop reports and resources to build understanding, shared vision, and capacity for the field to move toward effective alignment of early education and K-12 systems.

Our Story

DIAL EE’s design process began in April 2019 and brought together a design team of four early education leaders from districts across California about the unique needs of districts with early learning programs. The design team discussed the challenges and opportunities of operating early learning programs within a school district; the challenges, barriers, and successes they experienced; the conditions that helped drive innovation and success; and their needs as leaders to be effective. DIAL EE also engaged a diverse set of national, state, and local early education experts, research, and innovative leaders and organizations as partners to support the design and development of DIAL EE’s work.

To understand the context the early education leaders were operating in, during the design process, DIAL EE also collected and reviewed data in the form of reports on early education in California, CSPP funding data, and a survey of the design team members’ districts. Through the design process, a three-year professional development curriculum was developed for a cohort of early learning district leaders known as the DIAL EE fellows. The plan detailed annual themes and quarterly activities and topics, including community summits, professional learning, personalized coaching, and district implementation activities.

Within the last few years, DIAL EE has grown rapidly to respond to the unprecedented needs of families, children, early learning district leaders and school districts due to the pandemic and new policy developments in California.



Our work is rooted in the belief that we can effect change and increase our impact when collaborating with others whose work is complementary to our goals. Our collaborators are supporters and advocates of our work.

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