DIAL EE’s fellowship provides district leaders with professional learning experiences and ongoing support to enhance their capacity to strengthen public education systems, innovate solutions, and inform policy. The fellowship is organized around building adaptive and distributed leadership within school districts to effect early learning and K-12 systems alignment. It begins with building a learning community among a group of district early learning leaders.  

Through committed participation over three years, DIAL EE fellows engage in a learning process that will:

  1. Introduce new or essential content to early learning leaders through webinars, shared resources, and other professional learning opportunities
  2. Provide opportunities to explore and deepen understanding of the content through discussions with peers, content experts, and other stakeholders
  3. Provide opportunities and support for fellows to present at statewide conferences to share their knowledge, experiences, and effective practices to increase understanding and visibility of early education in K-12 spaces
  4. Provide opportunities and support for fellows to review and formulate responses to policy issues impacting their work
  5. With the support of a coach, translate or adapt this new content knowledge to each leader’s individual district context or use it to reflect on current district and/or leadership practices
  6. Pilot or test innovative strategies and practices gleaned through the learning cycle

DIAL EE Fellow Experience

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Cohort 2020-2022

Cohort 2022-2024

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