DIAL EE’s research focuses on relevant and timely issues on early education in California’s school districts and understanding their LEA context. Our research is informed and reviewed by the DIAL EE Fellows, DIAL EE advisory committee and content experts.

A Survey of ECE Visibility and Alignment in California School Districts

We conducted a survey in the fall of 2020 to learn about California’s early learning landscape from the perspective of school districts that implemented California State Preschool Program (CSPP) from 2018-2019. Read the report and learn about:

  • Funding for early education
  • Organization of the school district and role of ECE
  • Visibility of ECE within the school districts
  • Change in leadership

Our findings in the report and feedback from DIAL EE Fellows lead us to develop a Visibility Toolkit for school districts to help them increase the visibility of early education within their districts.

Early Education Visibility

The visibility of early education on a district’s website speaks to how it is valued. As part of our work to align early education and K-12, we are tracking how visible early education is on the websites of school districts with CSPP contracts. This data was collected as part of our fall 2020 survey.

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