Early Education Visibility

The visibility data points were determined during a website review (October 13-31, 2020) or through a survey sent to the district’s early education leads in fall 2020. For two of the data points, initial data were not collected (*). For more information about the methodology, please see A Survey of ECE Visibility and Alignment in California School Districts.

Read the notes about these fall 2020 data points here.

Fall 2020

 District website

Early education included in superintendent’s message or district’s “about us” page*


Preschool is mentioned in several places on district’s website


District with CSPP contracts include CSPP information on website


Basic information about preschool is on website (hours of operation, program philosophy, or curricula)


District mentions early education or preschool on home page


Information about community preschools and services for young children and their families is on the district’s website

 District organization chart


Person responsible for early education identified in the school district’s organizational chart


Position that oversees early education in the school district is in the district’s cabinet.

 District vision statement

The district’s vision statement or strategic plan starts with early education*

 District information on preschool


Information about registering for preschool is on website.

Fall 2021

Fall 2021 data will be collected via a website review of the California school districts that hold a CSPP contract. The total number of school districts that hold California State Preschool Program (CSPP) contracts fluctuates annually. Our goal for the fall 2021 data collection is that each visibility data point will be at 100%.

Visibility Toolkit

We developed a toolkit to enhance the visibility of early education in school districts. Learn more.

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